Postcards from the Web

It’s been a busy week!  So I offer you a collection of postcards from the web.  These are links and clips from my travels through the internet this week.  Somehow they are all connected – I’m just not sure how.  Maybe you can tell me.

  • Rachael, at The Variegated Life, shared on her blog that she and her family have welcomed a second child into the world.  Congratulations to Rachael and best wishes for the joy and adventures that lie ahead!  In her post The Gnome is Born, she meditates on the idea that careful plans can be like a nest into which spontaneity tumbles.
  • Here is an interview of Marianne Elliott about courage.  Marianne Elliot worked as a UN Human Rights Officer in Afghanistan and has written a memoir of her experience, Zen Under Fire.  Her work and actions seem wildly courageous to me, so I wanted to hear her voice.  I was intrigued enough to order a copy of Marianne’s book (with some of my earnings from my spring cleaning last week).  The interviewer, Tara Mohr, is also quite a fascinating person.
  • Courage always makes me think of the artist Gwyn Michael.  When I looked at her blog this week, I learned a wonderful word: murmuration.   In her post about leap day, she describes this phenomena:

Let me  begin with the starlings. Starlings are considered a pest bird and they do their damage, but they also have an amazing skill. They can fly in flocks of thousands of birds as if one in what is known as a murmuration. Science has yet to explain exactly how they are able to do this, but it is as if they literally become one as they move in unison. I am sure they do not think about what a risk it may be to go flying in swoops and spirals, in extremely close proximity, while turning on a pinhead. They just do it, they leap.

  • Here’s a lovely story from a writer who I’ve become quite a fan of, Kristan Hoffman.     Her story reminds me of the power of writing to give people dignity, pride, and voice.

I’ll just put stamps on these and put them in the postbox now.  See you next week.

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2 Responses to Postcards from the Web

  1. Kristan says:

    “Postcards.” I love that idea. 🙂 Thank you for including me!


  2. Rachael says:

    Thank you for the link love! And I enjoyed all the other posts! (Finally got to reading them.)


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