Five for Friday

In the spirit of showing up and writing something, here are five ideas from the week.  Maybe they are connected, maybe not.  Tell me what you see if you connect the dots.

  1. My creative non-fiction course is coming to a close.  I have drafted 6 new pieces, rewritten 3, and I have one more week with a captive audience to give feedback and impressions.   It’s been a good experience.  One of the things I’ve come to appreciate over this course is that 10 weeks is actually not a very long time.  I’m still mulling over comments from the first story I wrote for the group.
  2. I just went upstairs to get a book and looked down to see 2 black cats circling each other around our back garden.  One is Ink, the other is Daisy (Peter’s cat).  Daisy is easily twice the size of Ink.  She and Ink are uneasy allies.  Over the past five years, they’ve learned to maintain a delicate peace in the cul-de-sac.
  3. Last night was the ‘Summer Soirée’ at the school – the end of year musical evening. The theme was ‘An Opening Ceremony for the London Olympic Games 2012.’  It was fantastic.    There were kids in costume for various sports (sports they actually participate in), flags from many countries, and a lot of great music.  The programme was organized by links the music had with different countries.  Highlights included:
      •  China:  The kids did tai chi while singing a lyrical song called, Why Move so Fast?
      • USA:   We were treated to some incredibly great jazz piano by a talented red-headed boy, appropriately called Haydn (although pronounced ‘hay’, as in for horses).
      • Malawi: Nick and his classmate, Isabel, played the Malawi national anthem on their trumpets accompanying the rest of the chorus singing.  The school has ties with Malawi as a ‘sister school.’
      • UK:  Year 3 (Nick’s class) played God Save the Queen on boomwhackers.   They were brilliant!  Haven’t heard of boomwhackers?  They are plastic tubes you can WHACK on the floor (or table, or any other hard surface) and they BOOM, at a particular pitch.  Thus the name.
      • There was even an official torch! Someone in the village was a part of the official relay and the runners got to keep their torches after they passed on the flame.  She has shared it with the village and the school.  Last weekend our kids got to hold it.  Juni and Nick were thrilled!  The runner loaned it to the school for the evening.   The kids brought it in (unlit) for the beginning of the Soiree, and ceremoniously lit a big candle.

4.  A few weeks ago, I participated in a fun writing challenge to raise money for a the Pablove Foundation, a foundation for fighting childhood cancer.  It was posted by Rory at Write To Be You.  She promised to donate a certain amount of money for every story that was written in response to a photo prompt.   The photo was a soft-serve ice cream cone.  She raised almost $400 dollars this way and encouraged stories out of 48 people!  Here’s a link to my story.  It’s the first comment at the end of Rory’s post.  There are a lot of great stories people shared – check them out.

5.  And best of all, after 3-weeks of conferences and meetings down under, Matt is home.  Tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary.  Happy 11 years Matt!

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2 Responses to Five for Friday

  1. writetobeyou says:

    Melissa, I think the link is community. You seem to be receiving a lot of goodness at the moment from participating in things on offer as well as being entertained and challenged by others in the communities around you. It sounds to me as if you are feeling ‘part of’ life at the moment instead of just observing from the sidelines. Very satisfying! Thank you for all you share on my site and on yours!


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