The official bicycle count at our house is now 7.5.  Bradley Wiggins has inspired us all.

Here’s the bike register:

1. Matt’s regular bike – He puts more miles on this than he does in the car.  It’s his trusty steed that takes him back and forth most days  in most weather on the 6 mile ride to work.

2. Matt’s road bike –  A beautiful sea green Bianchi that saw a lot of road in the US before kids arrived on the scene.  I predict it will make a comeback.

3. My folding bike – An e-bay purchase from 2008 that has been so fun!  Convenient, suitably dorky looking, and dependable, it has the amazing distinction of having been recovered by the police after being stolen in Cambridge.

4. My regular bike – The requisite Cambridge bike with basket in the front and kid-seat on the back.  It’s been out of commission for over a year since it made a buckling, scraping, and sickly sound on my way home one dark December night that resulted in my walking the remaining 3 miles.   But, I finally got it to the shop this week and it should be back in action soon.

5. Nick’s gear bike – This makes him fast and cool.  He gets over bridges and through villages on this with ease.

6. Nick’s first two-wheeler – Waiting for Juni to grow into it.

7. Juni’s first two-wheeler –  Waiting for Juni to decide she will try it.

7.5.  Juni’s tag-a-long bike –  We lucked into finding this earlier this week, coming across a good one for sale outside the grocery store.  It attaches to the back of an adult’s bike (thus the motivation for getting my regular bike fixed).    So far, we’ve gone around the block, around the village, and up the road to a park in a neighboring village for a picnic.  Granchester Meadows, here we come!

With all these wheels to spin, I think August will be a good month to have a break from blogging.

See you in September!!

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One Response to 7.5

  1. Rachael says:

    Have a lovely break!



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