Postcards from India – Week 1

First week in Chennai – working at HeyMath! on the science project for South Africa.  India is amazing.  With all the languages that float by: Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, English, Broken English, hand and head gestures, and many others too mysterious to pronounce or spell, I’m at a loss for words.

Instead, I offer you a few photos of my adventures so far (picture sizing is a bit random):

HeyMath! Offices in Chennai

Cathedral Road (where HeyMath! is)- The traffic is relatively calm in this picture.

Beach at Mahabalipuram (Mamallpuram) – a small fishing town near Chennai on the Bay of Bengal.

View of Mahabalipuram from our lunch place, Moonrakers – a favorite with HeyMath! staff and ex-pat visitors.

Ed and Nikhil (HeyMath! people)

Achani (visiting from Stanford), Matthew (HeyMath!), me

Temple with 1500 year old stone carvings at Mahabalipuram.


Onam flower decoration at the HeyMath! for the Onam celebration at the office.


Preparing for the Onam function (it took place on the roof of the office building)

Lunch waiting for us in buckets.

Tiger Dance

Tiger Dance


A traditional Keralan Dance for women (not sure what it is called)


Some of the HeyMath! Science team (content developers, animators, and Nikhil – the leader). Men are wearing dhotis, I am in a salwar kameez – loaned to me for the occasion.


Andra (a visiting graduate student from Cambridge) and me on the roof.

Lunch – Rice and many Keralan cooked vegetables and sauces served on a banana leaf. Eaten with the right hand. No forks, spoons, knives, or chopsticks. Just 5 fingers. Delicious!













Nimmi – one of the founders of HeyMath!





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