Postcards from India – Week 2

My 2-week visit is drawing to a close.  Most Indian people I have met here smile and ask, ‘How long are you staying?’  When I reply ‘two-weeks,’ the response is always the same: ‘Oh!  So short!’  As if I had travelled thousands of miles for a quick cup of tea and then returned home.  Perhaps I have.

Although my visit has been short, it has been productive, adventurous, and so very fun.  Tomorrow I head back to the UK to my husband and kids.  And from that perspective, it is time to go home.

But before then, another batch of pictures from the week:

The guesthouse/apartment where I’ve been staying. It is in an area of Chennai known as T. Nagar.

Morning activity on Habbibullah Road (relatively calm).

Flower garlands at Pondy Baazar – I’m told these are very South Indian. They smell wonderful.

Flower garland sellers.

Sarees in a department store.

People buying grains and pulses in bulk at a supermarket.

At Pondy Bazaar – in the streets, small stalls sell everything! Very colorful to walk, listen, and watch.

A store specializing in stainless steel pots/pans/serving dishes. Very crowded!

Fruit sellers on the street.

Jewels and finery (to go inside this store you had to take off your shoes!)

And for those of you who know me well, you will not be surprised to learn that I found a big bookstore, with a cha bar (cafe), and spent a good amount of time relaxing with books on hot afternoon! This was at Oxford Books in Chennai.

My lunch at the bookstore. My favorite part was the monkey tea cup.






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2 Responses to Postcards from India – Week 2

  1. CJ says:

    What an extraordinary country. I’m very jealous of your stay there. Your photos, especially whatever you were eating at Oxford Books cafe, have whet my appetite. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


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