A treasure map for you

Lately, I’ve been that 4-letter word that starts with B.  And it’s keeping me from another 4-letter word that starts with B.   I’m heading into deeper waters with my students and feeling a bit of a deadline with my work – we’ve got great feedback, now we need to finish everything by the end of November!

So, the forest will be quiet for a few weeks.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with signposts towards other destinations.  These are places I love to visit.  Consider this a treasure map, and any of these x’s marks the spot.

  • A Design So Vast – Beautifully crafted thoughts from Lindsey on parenting, reading, writing, loving, and living.  I read and find myself nodding, smiling, and sometimes (okay, more than sometimes) getting a bit teary.
  • 6512 and growing – Written by Rachel who lives in Durango and makes me swoon with Rocky Mountain homesickness just about every other post.  And the other posts? She makes me laugh out loud as she retells/relays the adventures and commentary of her 2 kids – so close in age and temperament to mine.
  • Strocel.com – I love Amber’s blog and look forward to every post.  Lately, I’ve especially been enjoying her podcasts.  She has had some great guests and asks them just the kinds of questions I’d like to ask.
  • Write to Be You –  Reading Rory’s blog has a bit of a ‘through the looking-glass’ quality for me.  She is a Londoner living in the US (in LA), and I’m an American in the UK.  One of my favourite posts of hers, Play Me, I’m Yours, sparked many thoughts for me about shared spaces and opportunities for community.  Starring in that post are random pianos that were placed around London this summer for anyone to play.  I was so pleased this week to find that a similar herd of pianos has been distributed around Cambridge.    Check out streetpianos.com – they may be headed your way soon!

Good luck treasure-hunting. I’m sure you’ll find some gems.   I’ll be back when there is more space between the branches again.

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3 Responses to A treasure map for you

  1. writetobeyou says:

    Melissa! Many thanks for the kind words and shout out! I hope you know how much I enjoy your words and experiences when they arrive in my in box! Good luck with the coming weeks of work. x rory


  2. Thanks for the love. xo


  3. It’s such an honor to see my name here. Thank you! I love the image of this busy season called life … xoxo


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