Growing Wings

September is about to go the way of August, July, June, and the rest of them.  How is it that the days pass so quickly?  Leaves are changing, the air breathes coolness into each day, another school year has begun.

I’ve been writing.  It’s great.  This summer I sent out two stories in hopes of getting them published.  They both came back to me on the same morning.  Clunk, clunk, into my inbox, looking up at me with smiling faces, reporting  ‘no, thank you.’   This is to be expected.  I welcomed them back to the nest.  In time, I will see if they need different wings or different destinations.

But I made a decision:  I decided to pay myself for each piece of writing that comes back with a ‘no, thank you.’  And when I have collected 100 ‘no,thank you’ notes, I will have paid myself enough for a writing retreat.   Possibly at Arvon.

This payment is more than just a consolation prize.  It’s an acknowledgement of the time and heart that already went into the writing, an acknowledgment of all that I have already gained, just by the act of writing the story down.  It’s a nod to the risk-taking of sending something out into the world, with the distinct possibility that what I send out will come straight back, for one hundred different reasons I cannot know.  And it’s an investment.  An investment in my writing, a way to make tiny but tangible steps at getting better, getting closer to what I hope to say and do.

Juni just came down the stairs to show me a wobbly front tooth.  Today will be her second violin lesson.  Nick is now in the oldest classroom at school (it’s a year 5-6 mixed class).  He’s learning to play ‘Rule Britannia’ on his trumpet.  Matt recently completed his twentieth marathon.  And I’m writing more stories.   And sending them out into the wide wide world.  We are all busy growing into ourselves.

This week, I sent out two more stories.  I hope they fly.

2013-09-22 10.52.40 (768x1024)

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7 Responses to Growing Wings

  1. Rachael says:

    Twenty marathons! I am envious.

    Best wishes for (to?) your stories. Fly! Fly! Fly!


  2. Rory Green says:

    I’ve missed you Melissa! This is an inspiring post and made me smile for lots of reasons! I went to an Arvon workshop in Yorkshire 20 years ago – talk about the years flying by! I was 24 and I still remember 2 women in their 60’s saying to me after I read – “one day we’ll look our for a book from you…” I doubt they ever found ‘Playing Along’, but their encouragement has never left me! Good to ‘hear’ your voice again and imagining you transitioning into autumn while the hot sun still beats down on me! with love xo r


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