Invitation to a writing advent calendar – 2013


In a few days, we will be turning the calendar page to December, the final month of the year.  December is month full of traditions, festivals, and symbolism.  One tradition I especially like is the advent calendar:  children open a small window or look in a little pocket each day to uncover a picture, small toy or sweet.  Advent calendars make the days until Christmas seem to go just a tiny bit faster for a small child.

This image links to an online advent calendar with activities, games, and craft ideas for kids. It’s free from the Woodland trust – pretty cool, huh?

This year on my blog, you are invited to participate in a writing prompt advent calendar.  Starting on December 1st and continuing through the 24th, each morning I will post a short prompt. During the day, I plan to find five minutes or so to scribble down the ideas, images, questions, and words inspired by the prompt.

Come play!  Join me to read, write, and reflect.  Claim space for a moment of contemplation.   Open the advent calendar door to find what lies behind.  And then, put pen to paper and see what arrives.

After five minutes, maybe we put our notebooks away and carry on with a busy day, or maybe we decide to continue writing for a longer period of time.  Or maybe the five minutes passes in a daydream whose phantoms come and go for the rest of the day.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s impossible to do this wrong.  What matters is that we show up and write.

Later in the day, I’ll meet you in the comments, sharing a few thoughts from that day’s question.   My hope is that you will bring your bounty to the table as well  – perhaps a line or two of writing, a realization, an image, a link to a piece of your own .  Your presence, whether you choose to share overtly or attend quietly, is felt and appreciated.  You are welcome here.  Come every day, once a week, or in fits and spurts.  If you find a prompt from a previous day that whispers to you more insistently, write on that one.  I’m still listening.  The moment hasn’t passed.

The door is open, a candle lit, the kettle ready.

See you on the other side of the calendar page.

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26 Responses to Invitation to a writing advent calendar – 2013

  1. Marie says:

    What a wonderful idea, Melissa!


  2. porter5775 says:

    Yes! When do we start?


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