December 2 – A Potpourri of Prompts

advent calendar 2For today, a potpourri of prompts, like a basket of baubles.  Take one and hold it up to the light.  Take many and string them together like a paper chain.  Take a few and join them together with sticky tape and tinsel.  Please yourself.

Photo by Maria Gair

Photo by Maria Gair

  • What marks the beginning of the holiday season for you?  In what ways, if at all, has this marker changed at different points in your life?
  • What traditions do you have for this season?
  • What is your favourite holiday memory?
  • Is there a particular food you only eat during December?  Do you like it?  Tell me about it.
  • Is there anything about this year that will be different from every other December you’ve ever known?
  • What are your thoughts on holiday decorations?
How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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8 Responses to December 2 – A Potpourri of Prompts

  1. Marie says:

    Is there anything about this year that will be different from every other December you’ve ever known? This year I am sticking with life (my physical life) and working as much as I can to pay attention to and stay in the present moment. Advent is a time of waiting for God. This is where I find God. This is where I find God’s creation. I am giving up Facebook this season. I removed the icon from my phone and the bookmark from my computer to stay away from temptation. What is funny is I noticed the twitter icon is missing from my phone this morning as well. I didn’t take it off. Today I find an arrow pointing in the right direction in a missing twitter icon.


  2. Maria G. says:

    Thoughts swirl in my head with images and traditions and memories. However, it is the “different” on which I am stuck. The first Christmas without my father. And so I give you this:


  3. Melissa says:

    Biscochitos – Anise seed and cinnamon flavored cookies that are made in Northen New Mexico. They might be made all year round, but I only associate them with Christmas in New Mexico. Funny thing is, I’ve only ever made them in England, for British people, who, so far, have been slightly mystified and intrigued by these funny shortbreads. They are marvellous – best enjoyed while walking out of a NM restaurant into the night air, after having enjoyed green chile blue corn chicken enchiladas. They are crumbly, not too sweet, and often come shaped in circles or stars. I think I must do some baking. This recipe looks promising:


  4. Jill says:

    The beginning of the holiday season for me is not when the decorations go up and Christmas songs start playing at the stores, although these usually happen first. For me, the season begins when I start thinking about making holiday cards. That is a valued tradition for me. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with something new each year that is the right amount of fun work. My love of paper crafting started when I was a kid; my grandpa worked as a packaging distributor and he gave us sample books of wrapping papers to play with. A few days ago, I hit on the idea for this year: after wanting for several years to use my rubber paint/ink comb for background designs but never finding the right kind of paper (the paint soaked too quickly into all the papers I’d tried so far), I tried doing this directly on clear adhesive sheets. It works great, and it will be super easy to cut background/shapes to stick without using additional glue. Creative discovery like this is a positive aspect of the holiday season for me!


    • Melissa says:

      Hey – if you take a photo of these, will you include a link so we can see what they look like? I like that the holiday begins for you with creating something from inside – that makes it seem more organic somehow, that feeling like the holiday is thrust upon you from outside.


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