11 December – A wish list

Half and half dog, Emily Gubler, http://www.ordinarycontradictions.com/

Half and half dog, Emily Gubler, http://www.ordinarycontradictions.com/

My kids have been making Christmas wish lists.  A dog features high on the list for both of them.  Someday.   Maybe.

What would be on your writing wish list?  Create a list of the pieces you would like to have written.  What essays, articles, stories, poems, plays are on your list?  Go ahead, name  them all – how will they know to come if you don’t call them?

Winter Star, photo by Stacy Jaffe

Winter Star, photo by Stacy Jaffe

How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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9 Responses to 11 December – A wish list

  1. Jill says:

    The rest of the research article I started writing in 2012 after doing the research in 2011. This WILL be a higher priority in 2014! I’m lucky my co-authors don’t mind the delay. But we all know that nobody’s going to scoop our finding about how grasshopper sparrows respond to local and foreign songs on their breeding grounds.
    Songs for each of the seasons. I have three already. I’ll be happy with four, but would like eight eventually, as I’ve started observing eight seasons. (Right now is what I call ‘umwin’. The second half of winter is ‘tersper’, the second half of spring is ‘ingsum,’ and the second half of summer is ‘meraut.’)
    I wonder what would happen if I attempted an essay about playing cello at religious services or other events, such as the Dances of Universal Peace, where the other attendees have a shared spiritual philosophy that I don’t share. That is, in what ways is this “right” or “wrong”? This is probably something I should just write about for personal processing.
    I don’t plan to write it, but I’ve enjoyed thinking about a premise for a novel. It would involve main characters, maybe college students, who differ in outlook and experience – a biologist and a literature student? – who expand each other’s world views in the course of playing together in a music group, where they have quirky adventures with interesting other characters. I have some relevant experience, but poor memory and imagination for detail (I’m the biologist, not the literature student).


    • Melissa says:

      Jill’s The Eight Seasons – I’d so enjoy listening to that – or even better, playing it! When I wrote this prompt, I was thinking about writing pieces, but really, why not create a wish list of creations – art, music, writing, dance, and so on? On another note, I have to say, though, that it would be beastly if someone scooped your grasshopper sparrow breakthroughs. As for your novel idea, I would read that. Funny thing about wish lists -, these things find a way of coming into being. It starts with an idea…


    • Maria G. says:

      So, first, I’m writing about how grasshopper sparrows respond to local and foreign songs on their breeding grounds and expect to be done with that next week. KIDDING, Jill! Sorry. I had to;)

      I like the piece about being a cellist in a situation where you don’t share the same spiritual philosophy. I think it’s interesting that you see that this might be wrong. I find these situations are when we humans are at our best. When we share experiences even though we don’t ‘agree’, I believe we are truly in community. And really, my bet is that I don’t agree completely even with those who share my same religion (and for sure my same family;)).

      I’d love to hear the songs for the seasons too. We were just talking about how right now isn’t “officially” winter, but it doesn’t feel like autumn either.


  2. Melissa says:

    On my list: 10-12 stories about growing up in the Rockies (aiming for a manuscript), a story about The Orchard Tea Rooms in Granchester, the other half of a story called ‘Relative Pitch’, send these stories out again and again and again until they find their homes.


  3. Marie says:

    I am going to write about how grasshopper sparows don’t agree about what season it is or what song to sing in the Rocky mountains as they grow up.

    Funny you should ask this today, Melissa. I did this exercise yesterday. 🙂 and so they shall come.


  4. Maria G. says:

    My list has always included a travel book for families. Something along the lines of “Beyond Disney.” The other is a kind of snarky parenting book or pseudo memoir. I suspect that this list will be a “someday” list…as my kids will have “dog” on their list (unfulfilled) for years to come.


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