Slipping in under the wire

I’m spending January, February, and half of March trying to make friends with Mr. Mahler’s symphony number 3. It is one of those prickly personalities that are difficult at first, but I’m certain will be worth knowing in the long run. At the moment, though, we are still in the getting-to-know-you-and-your 4, no, 6, no, 5-flats-and-your-bewildering-harmonics stage.

And somehow, the month of January, usually the one I find to be the slowest of all, has slipped by.  I’ll get this one post in before the calendar page turns again.

Where have I been, then, if not in the forest?

Well, Mr. Mahler has something to answer for.  And my project with HeyScience! is hustling like a herd of turtles towards a deadline.  And I’ve found a local writing group to join, which is marvellous. Each week we discuss a few pieces submitted by group members and the comments are both insightful and inspiring.  I’ve learned a lot already and will be expanding and growing my collection of pieces.

My collection?  Oh yes – this is my project: a series of stories and essays about adventures in the Rocky Mountains.  You’ve seen some of them here.  Others are in various stages.  Sort of memoir-based, but sliding into fiction when it suits the writing better.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for snowdrops.




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2 Responses to Slipping in under the wire

  1. writetobeyou says:

    Melissa – Happy New Year! I’m so pleased to hear about your writing group and your collection and all your intentions – symphony included. Sending love and breath and encouragement across the land and ocean xo


    • Melissa says:

      Hello Rory! Happy New Year to you, too. I can feel your kind words all the way from the West coast of the US to East Anglia. About that symphony…it’s gonna break my heart, I can tell already. What an astounding work to get to play.


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