Love your sentences

Love your sentences.  Love them like your children, because they do issue from you. Love them as a mother:

Stand up straight, sentences, your verbs are sagging!   Tidy your phrases, you’re dangling modifiers! Now eat plenty of words and you’ll grow strong and flexible; new vocabulary is good for you.  Oh sentences, lose the clichés, don’t you know that you sound best when you use your own voice? Do you really need all those adverbs and adjectives?  They are like too much eye shadow and cheap lipstick.  Go brush your hair, sentences, it’s knotted with needless words. When you mix those metaphors, you’re essentially wearing a Black Watch plaid shirt with orange and purple polka dot trousers.  Well I like plaid and polka dots, too, but at the same time?  Oy! It hurts my eyes!  Please don’t be careless with your punctuation, sentences, commas don’t exactly grow on trees, you know.  Besides, your meaning might be mistaken. Yes sentences, I’ll always love you, no matter how many times you change your subject and your predicate.  You are, after all, my sentences. 


Loving my sentences

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2 Responses to Love your sentences

  1. Marie says:

    I’m so glad you’ve decided to share more of your writing. This is so fresh. The sentences in my head are marching to a joyful beat.


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