1 December – Turning the Calendar Page

Image of an English robin

Photo by Maria Gair

Today marks the beginning of the final month of the year.

What images, ideas, and sensations come to mind when you turn the calendar page over to the 1st of December?

How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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17 Responses to 1 December – Turning the Calendar Page

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  2. Donna says:

    OMG is what happens whenever I turn over the calendar page. I forgot to look ahead and something is happening soon that I haven’t planned for!
    Then, I think about snow and how much I would like some to fall here. My friends and family in America are already well into their seasonal adjustments for snowfall.
    I’m happy for December’s arrival. It coincides this year with some things that I’ve started in 2014 that can be wrapped up like presents this month. They may never be unwrapped but that doesn’t really matter. And this will clear the way for me to spend a lot of time with my great friend Matilda in 2015 and get to know some other interesting characters much better too.
    This page turning also makes me think about what it means for my sons and friends and if I can help any of them to adjust to the transition of a new year in the final days of this one.
    As a writer I am happy to greet December this year. I’ve never worked harder at improving my writing than I have so far this year and that’s a trend I don’t intend to change. And I blame my friends for this in part, great friends, who expect and appreciate best effort.


    • Melissa says:

      Hi Donna! Lovely to have you here today. I, too, long for snow in December. Hoping we’ll see some this year. This is great: ‘I’m happy for December’s arrival. It coincides this year with some things that I’ve started in 2014 that can be wrapped up like presents this month. They may never be unwrapped but that doesn’t really matter’ It feels good to draw lines under things (or tie ribbons around them), doesn’t it? I’ll go put up my response to the prompt now.


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  4. Maria Gair says:

    I also am guilty of turning the calendar and realizing I have forgotten something. Today is a doctor appointment that I had forgotten (possible on purpose).
    This is my favorite season, so I anticipate the smells, colors, and fun of the season. However, I also am more aware of the messes in my house that are preventing me from adding those scenes to my own environment. I’m also very aware of the work that must be completed and is not. The last month of the year makes that deadline seem more final and loom even closer.
    Mostly, I am so excited to see these prompts back!


  5. Melissa says:

    To me, December builds like a crescendo, starting with quiet moments like today when the air seems still and the trees are showing more bare branches than fiery leaves. And throughout the month, the momentum and excitement build with decorations appearing on houses, parties filling the diary, travel plans being finalised to reunite families and friends. This time of year seems to mark both a climax of activity and a period of reflection on what has passed during the previous 11 months.


  6. I discovered your post from last year with the angel cloud picture and I wrote -ahh, Magic abounds! childhood memories of the Advent calendars, tinkling bells, that spun when candles were placed underneath, laying down in the dark and waking to sparkling blanket of snow over everything, icycles tinkling in tree bones, the trees themselves, how could they come back to life as they do? The family drives to see magic transformations and machinations of shop windows sharing tiny scenes, being able to looki in on a whole villages,perhaps a river and a train running through it, the fabric of community and mystery come to life. Magic in the darkness – The Nutcracker – all we don’t know – happening in the dream time – a mirror, The church celebration I experienced as a celebration of a good man’s (AKA as Jesus) really meant (a good person(s) beginnings, and the gold chalice and colored voyives and gold cloth and inscense and holy water all a magic ritual, a story stacked on other story’s Innana, Nuit, and down , down, into the magic of the dark we go for rebirth and celebration of life. Thank you for the prompt and using my photo 🙂 I’ve caught you all on the second cycle of Dec. / 2014. Peace and Goodwill to All.


    • Melissa says:

      Lovely – there is such a wonderful combination of magic in your words which goes right to the heart of what I was aiming for in the prompt. Now everyone will be looking forward to December 3. 🙂

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  7. suki60 says:

    I got an advent calendar in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago – just a strip of red felt with a face and a beard at the top, and 24 little pockets in two rows, going downwards, underneath. I’d meant to get some small items to put in each pocket … but hadn’t come across anything suitable in time. Last night I filled each pocket with two pieces of gravel (two children – I can’t face the squeals of “it’s not fair!”, so I need to have two identical objects each time), but put a couple of ‘love heart’ sweets in the first pocket (with the same message on each, of course).

    As I was settling down to sleep I was thinking that it would be good to write a little advent-calendar-pocket-sized piece each day but I couldn’t think how best to do it. Then I got this rather nice invitation: thank you, Melissa!

    I’m glad to be able to report that the love hearts were accepted in the spirit in which they were intended. I have two green jelly sweets to replace the next two pieces of gravel for tomorrow, but I need to exercise my imagination a little harder in time for Wednesday …


    • Melissa says:

      I hadn’t heard of using bits of gravel that then magically transform into small bits of charm. How wonderful! I love this phrase ‘advent-calendar-pocket-sized pieces’ of writing. That is exactly the right size. Thank you.


  8. We pop open the first window together, side by side, smiling. It’s a dark morning, not cold enough to be frosty and behind us the tree is already lighting the way to twelfth night. There’s the smell of a big boozy fruit cake in the kitchen as the big bowl is yet to be washed up, and a roll of sticky tape sits triumphantly rescued on the counter from an untidy drawer.


    • Melissa says:

      “The tree is already lighting the way to twelfth night.” – I find this a really compelling juxtaposition to the first window on the advent calendar. How many times during the interim will that sticky tape go missing?


  9. Melissa says:

    Want to read what we wrote last year on this prompt? Here a link to the 1 Dec, 2013 advent calendar post: http://wp.me/p1sA7y-lB


  10. Two exciting things, no, three. My brother and me barefoot on Victorian caustic tiles, turning the porcelain knob to find the Christmas tree and the kittens. Except the Christmas tree was on the floor and the beautiful glass baubles mum had brought with her from Germany lay all around it, their jagged edges in peaks sweeping down inside silvered slopes. We stopped, horrified, until the culprits wriggled out from underneath the spiky fir tree, two kittens…MUM…
    The third thing is turning the calendar this morning to see a picture of dry stone walls and sheep covered in snow, this is the accompanying visual to my story, because all around our home, living in the mountains, was snow.


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