A funny thing happened on my way to the forest…


Winter trees at Fowlmere RSPB Nature Reserve

Over the weekend, I’d been meaning to post something here on my blog.  I kept looking for a pocket of time to sit down and do a short post.  Present, not precious, I kept muttering to myself, as I drove kids from here to there, as I made dinner, as I went to rehearsals and performances.  Just get something down, just show up.

This morning, I finally got to the forest, and guess what?  A bunch had visitors had been wandering through all weekend, leaving their tracks in the snow.  What had they been nosing through and foraging for?  The Writing Prompt Advent Calendar from last year!

Although I hadn’t planned on doing an advent calendar for 2014, I’ve decided to repost the 2013 prompts this December. If you participated last time, perhaps you’ll find a yourself responding differently to the same questions a year later.

In brief:  Each day, you’ll see a writing prompt and a fresh area for comments down below.  As before, you are invited to add your comments anytime.  It can be on the day or it can be days later.  Sometime during each day, I’ll join in the comments as well with my response. I’ll also include a link to the comments from 2013, so you can see what we all had to say a year ago.  For a little more background, here’s a post that explains how the advent calendar works.

With a lot of new writing friends and blog readers, and another year of experience, I’m curious to see how we’ve grown and changed.  I hope you’ll join me for a few days this month for some writing time together.

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