3 December – Holy Days

Photo by Charlotte Fuller, http://charlottefuller.com/

Angel-bird Cloud, Photo by Charlotte Fuller

One of the challenges for me while creating this calendar was deciding how to approach the question of faith and religion. Broadly speaking, images of a snowy Christmas can dominate the media with a northern hemisphere, western culture bias.

By choosing to use the metaphor of the advent calendar and draw on images of winter, I speak from the tradition I most closely identify with.  But festivals of light in the darker corners of the year appear in many traditions.

We live in an age of growing awareness of other faiths and traditions, learning early and often that there are many ways of being and believing.  What results for many of us, I think, is a personal amalgam of spiritual significance. Among the various beliefs that populate our consciousness, some we embrace entirely, others we observe in part.  Some we greet with a respectful bow, while with others we have only a nodding acquaintance.  And some have receded from our practice altogether. The idea of a homogeneous holiday seems inconceivable to me.

Perhaps December is an opportunity to create festivals of light that bring peace and meaning to each of us.

So here is my prompt for today:  What does this season signify to you? What mixture of faith, fable, and fairy tale greets you each year at this point on our yearly trip around the sun? 

How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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6 Responses to 3 December – Holy Days

  1. Star patterned prickles. Confirmation that the scent and slight reduction in light is rain. Shifted by the wind, vapour clouds the sky, hanging together, floating above the ground before the morning sun releases them to sink into the softened earth. Collecting in hollows, crowning topmost twigs before contact acts as a conduit and the saturated mist trickles along bare armed branches. The holy spirit of transformation.


  2. Melissa says:

    This was a day of trying to fit in a little too much. Everything I did and needed to do were things that I choose to do and value, and yet it was all packed in densely. At one point, I was in the kitchen with about 10 projects going on at once: yesterday’s dishes, today’s lunch boxes, baking plans for tomorrow, ideas for dinner, computer screen open with too many tabs, on the phone with my mom, listening to violin practice with one ear, wondering about the thumps from the work going on in the bathroom, needing to chase up emails, and shaking my head at cat wanting to be fed too early (That cat ate my pumpkin bread yesterday). This is exactly the kind of scatter that I often feel at the end of the year – will everything come to a climax in a gorgeous crescendo of meaning and togetherness? Or will it be a mash-up crash-up that results from wanting too much at the same time? That’s what I’m thinking about this year in the holidays – the fine line between abundance and excess. That balance between a beautiful glittering Christmas tree that almost hovers with sweetness and light and the same tree tipped over in an explosion of exuberance, like Nicole posted on the Dec. 1 prompt (http://bit.ly/1AgnhhZ ). I’m not sure I can answer my own question today – doesn’t feel very holy or peaceful – but at least stopping for a few minutes to notice and let things come still gets me partway there.


  3. Melissa says:

    Some thoughts on the season from last year: http://wp.me/p1sA7y-lG (scroll down to the comment section to see what was on people’s minds last time we did this prompt)


  4. Following stars, finding ways home to hunker down in winter warmth and companionship. Special food made with indulgent ingredients and served with celebration. Moving from outer to inner. Worlds slowing down.

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  5. suki60 says:

    No time to burnish my pebble of wisdom today. There should be … but I’ve got too many metaphorical tabs open!


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