5 December – Tracks in the snow

South Boulder Creek Trail, photo by Brian Beeghly

South Boulder Creek Trail, photo by Brian Beeghly

Snow Granny, Ophelia Redpath, http://www.opheliaredpath.co.uk/

Snow Granny, Ophelia Redpath, http://www.opheliaredpath.co.uk/

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4 Responses to 5 December – Tracks in the snow

  1. Donna says:

    I’ve never doubted the supremacy of snow. My grandfather, whom I could never meet, froze trying to walk home from work in a blizzard.
    I love snow’s silence and indiscriminate covering, its whiteness and brightness. But I’ve never considered pure white a clean and virtuous colour. More like a beautiful frozen ocean, it conceals and smooths everything.
    Now Orphelia’s flippant, fun Snow Granny adds a new dimension. The sledding is a must but Granny isn’t compromising her routine for the sake of it. In shadow, the three meld as one. It looks precariously like those children could scatter off the sleigh mid-ride but a dominant, dependable person like that granny can be relied upon, right? Yet she may not spill a drop of her tea but she has already lost her hat at the top of the slope! So I wonder if this sleighride will thrill or dismay?
    I don’t mean to be bleak because snowplay is massive, total fun! Also, when my brother, Ron, told me that he’d heard Father Christmas land on the roof in the night one year, I wanted so, so much to get up there and see sleigh tracks!


  2. Melissa says:

    The snow will make liars of us all. Covering our sins, our blemishes. It will muffle the crunch of dead leaves that speak of decay. It freezes the soil, slows the sap, brings to rest the heave of summer. If all that is left of us is footsteps on an abandoned path, who will sing the world awake again?

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  3. suki60 says:

    Granny’s posture was one of her defining characteristics. Even when she was very frail, she managed to keep her back straight. This day would have been her birthday. I was going take my two children – just like Ophelia’s – over to see her, and they had plans to perform a little ‘show’, but she called to say that someone else was coming to take her out to lunch so could we do the show another day? In retrospect, it is clear that she did not want anyone to know just how ill she was. I think that was the last full meal she ate.


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