6 December – The ghost of Christmas past.

Can you revisit one holiday that you wish had somehow turned out differently?  Looking back now, through the lens of time, is there anything new that you notice or realise about that memory?

How has its meaning shifted with years and experience?

How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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3 Responses to 6 December – The ghost of Christmas past.

  1. I’m early today with my musings on christmases past – my life would so different if I had read the signs 🙂

    In a blaze of new romance I gave you a token wrapped in rosy-eyed excitement, scrolling ribbons and smiles. You gave me a dressing gown, its practical thickness wrapping me in foraged hope.



  2. Melissa says:

    I had a German friend who said her mom had a saying something like this: ‘A good mother will let her child know a little hunger, a little cold, and a little fear.’ Who doesn’t have disappointments? And yet, somehow my most disappointing and difficult times have had the richest findings for me later. While I wouldn’t want to repeat various challenges, I also wouldn’t give them back. For me, an experience (or a few) of heartbreak gives me a basis for empathy. Disappointments enable me to listen more carefully. Whether thinking of past holidays or just various events that happened, I find that the more gently I think about the situation with a big lens, the more I learn from all the perspectives involved. Revisiting without regret makes memory a rich mine for understanding.


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