9 December 2014 – Season of shadows

Lake Reflections by Brian Beeghly

Lake Reflections, photo credit – Brian Beeghly

For all the glitter and cheer in the air, December can also be a season of shadows and stillness.  In the north, it is the depth of winter, the quietest part of the year, the tree limbs are empty, the gardens have few offerings.

Can you make space today for the shadows?  Not to chase them away with bright cheer, but to acknowledge their role in life’s rich pageant?  What happens when you sit in their stillness?

How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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3 Responses to 9 December 2014 – Season of shadows

  1. Donna says:

    I feel disorienting but delightful changes of scale this time of year. With leaves missing more is open to view. When piles of snow dust settle on edges, it reduces space yet whitens what would be dark. Trees, rarely noticed, are brought into houses, decorated, examined
    and appreciated close-up. But I think that appreciation is more focused on the baubles than the tree.


  2. Melissa says:

    For much of the day yesterday ( 9 Dec ), I had a candle lit with this prompt in mind. Not for any articulate reason, but just to have a quiet warmth during what felt like a full day. The shadows from a candle are constantly changing with the flicker of the flame. Sometimes I can get so caught up in what’s I’m doing, I don’t notice any shadows. I don’t know that this is either good or bad. But the candle was a reminder that even if I don’t notice the shadows, they are there.


  3. suki60 says:

    Sitting in the shadow is far more comfortable than standing out in the blazing sunlight, although it does sometimes get a bit chilly.


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