13 December 2014 – Listen

Busking with Bach, Ophelia Redpath, http://www.opheliaredpath.co.uk/

Busking with Bach, Ophelia Redpath, http://www.opheliaredpath.co.uk/

Listen.  What do you hear?  What is the anthem of December?

How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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4 Responses to 13 December 2014 – Listen

  1. Donna says:

    Today I made some biscuits and cycled into Cambridge to share them, still warm, with friends and strangers I met at the Christmas Head rowing race. The most enthusiastic recipient by far was someone’s dog. The racers were zipping past and the dog and a lady were walking the tow path so slowly. We chatted. Then the lady slipped some biscuit to her dog. It must have been the molasses and ginger, such appreciation!
    I heard different buskers- The Salvation Army Band and two old boys, one lagging on accordian, the other pushing to keep up a brassy pace.
    Cambridge was busy but not as noisy as usual. There was a calm, purposeful feeling.
    Tonight is forecast to include the annual Geminids meteor shower to watch! Silent beauty for December.


    • Melissa says:

      A dog’s appreciation is so genuine, Donna! I don’t think it is possible for a dog to be insincere in any way. We were in town, too, and funnily enough, we noticed the same buskers as you! We also heard a string quartet (but with an oboe instead of a 1st violin). Can you have a 2nd violin if you don’t have a first? What good luck to see the Geminids, too Yes, silent beauty.


  2. Melissa says:

    What serendipity – on this day we went to my daughter’s end of term music concert. I was treated to hearing young string players (violin, viola, and cello). Every single child was courageous and wonderful to stand up and play a short solo in front of an audience of parents and peers. The sounds of beginning/young musicians are some of the most wonderful music to me. They are the sounds of learning, of beginning, and of bravery. They are my anthem for this December.


  3. suki60 says:

    I went to see the concert at the school here, as it happens. The world I live in now is quite like the one I used to live in, but everything has been stretched or squashed, like looking at images in the House of Mirrors at the fairground. I thought it would be my chance to sing a few carols: I’m not so keen on listening to them, but it’s lovely to be able to give the lungs a good work-out as part of an amiable crowd. I was full of anticipation. There were two well-known carols, only the first and last verses of each. Cheated! My daughter felt she had been tricked into being in the choir so she just stood and rocked from side to side with her peers and I felt a sudden wave of solidarity and let her buy fruit pastilles in the interval.


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