14 December 2014 – Ghost of Christmas future

Photo by Maria Gair, http://mariagphotography.com/

Photo by Maria Gair, http://mariagphotography.com/

Are there actions undone, words unsaid, gestures not yet made that you would regret not having done?  What are they?

List them.  You might start each sentence with ‘I will regret it if I don’t …’

Perhaps it’s a story you want to tell.  Or a walk you need to take.  Maybe there is a painting or a person to whom you must pay a visit.  An overdue cup of tea and sympathy?  An envelope that needs a stamp and a licking?

Can you choose one and take a small action that will soothe away a possible future regret?

How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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2 Responses to 14 December 2014 – Ghost of Christmas future

  1. Melissa says:

    Not so much to say on this one, although there are lots of small things to do. Over the past year especially, I’ve learned how much progress comes from small small steps.


  2. suki60 says:

    Churches are a feature of the landscape that have become less and less prominent over the years, around here anyway. The villages have filled up so much space now that the eye is no longer drawn towards them in the same way. They were waymarkers – places to aim for when out on the open road, and places of sanctuary. I wonder whether they still offer sanctuary? Today I am getting images in my mind’s eye of an apocalyptic future where the survivors are those who have been able to take refuge in the church. Uh ow – that could lead to some rather scary scenarios. I think I might regret it if I follow through on that one! Sometimes it is better that the speculation goes unspeculated to allow for a good night’s sleep: the possibilities will seem rather less scary in the morning.


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