15 December – Migration, hibernation

Photo by Maria Gair, http://mariagphotography.com/

Photo by Maria Gair, http://mariagphotography.com/

The sky fills with migrating geese, the forest with hibernating bears and sleeping trees.

When it is winter, what parts of you want to dig deep burrows and rest until spring?  How do you honour that instinct?

How does this writing prompt advent calendar work?
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2 Responses to 15 December – Migration, hibernation

  1. Melissa says:

    It seems like 2014 started with a few seeds being planted – wanting to find a writing group that was challenging, wanting to try offering a few one-off writing workshops, hoping to draft more stories about growing up in the Rockies and improving the existing ones. It was a busy spring of blossoming, a summer of growing, and an autumn of harvesting. Hibernation, or at least a quieter time for reflection, is in order. I like dreaming about ‘What’s next?’ That question carries the energy of a young year. But for the next few weeks, I’ll try instead to notice what’s now and what has been. Maybe some time for just writing longhand in a journal. About whatever floats to the surface or drifts to my feet. No agenda.


  2. suki60 says:

    My energy levels were very low for a long time. We eventually managed to move house about fifteen months ago and I’m gradually pulling myself together. I would like to have migrated, gone a long way away, but other family members had different priorities. We are where we are, and it is good. I can’t hibernate – too much needing to be done on a daily basis – so I’m using the snake’s technique. I’ve shed a couple of skins. Each time I leave the old one on the ground, the new one is a little bit sleeker and the markings a little better defined. Watch out! If you notice a white papery residue on the ground behind me, I’ve gone through another moult. If the flakes on the floor are green, or grey-brown, call St George straight away because you’ll need defence from a dragon.


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