21 December – Solstice

Solo 2, painting by Lynne Cameron, http://lynnecameron.com/

Solo 2, painting by Lynne Cameron, http://lynnecameron.com/

It is the solstice.  For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is the longest night of the year, the shortest day.  After today, the tilt of the earth brings us back into favour with the sun, days will grow longer, there will be more light, more warmth.  And in the southern hemisphere, it is the peak of summer, generous light drenches the day.  A summit has been reached.

How do you recognize when you’ve passed a turning point? How do you mark it?

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3 Responses to 21 December – Solstice

  1. Melissa says:

    To me, the solstice is marked with a sense of relief. We’ve made it this far, we’ve come to the darkest night of the year, from here on the days get longer. After eight years in the UK, I’ve gotten slightly more used to the dark Novermber dusks that become even darker December afternoons, but they still feel like a downward pull. Solstice feels like celebration time to me. Solemn celebration, maybe, but with a newborn lightness nonetheless.


  2. suki60 says:

    This solstice was a real turning point: spending half the day with a family with children who are very much as ours were five years ago, we see how much we have grown! It has always been acknowledged that the lively little terrors we visited have got ‘attachment disorder’. It was only last Tuesday that we got the surprise acknowledgement that our own precious chaos-generators are also thus affected, and that we will at last get the help we are entitled to. Hope! It has taken five days to think that it might really happen, after ten years of dealing with disingenuous teachers and medics who turn a blind eye because they have their budgets and targets and accolades to consider. Solstice is most certainly celebration time! Quiet celebration, maybe invisible celebration, but I can see bright skies ahead. I’m excited, I’m happy.


    • Melissa says:

      Congratulations! It must feel like such a relief to for a situations to be seen and acknowledged for what it is, not painted over for someone else’s agenda. Sometimes quiet, invisible celebrations are the best kinds, I think. Bright skies indeed. Your comment makes me happy, too.


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