December Lights

photo by Maria Gair,

photo by Maria Gair,

1 December.  The first day of the last month of the year. More than the other eleven months, I find December charged with both anticipation and aftermath.  The year is winding down, the holidays are gearing up.  We seem to meet ourselves moving in opposite directions during December.

In the midst of this time, even a 5-10 minute pause to sit down and write what I notice has the power to establish a still point that anchors the day.  What I write doesn’t need to be complete or even coherent.  But the practice of moving the pen across the page is one sure way to keep everything in perspective.

For the past two years, I’ve enjoyed having an advent calendar of writing prompts here.  The prompts are still up, feel free to look at them here. This year, though, I haven’t fashioned a set of prompts. Instead, I will look for that 5-10 minute window of space each day – on a bus ride, in the car waiting for kids, after the school run, once the kids are in bed – to be still, notice and write.  Even if it’s only a sentence or a string a words, I’ll still write. I invite you to do the same.  My thought is that these short bits of writing will light the month like a row of luminarias.

For an update on Writing Circles in the New Year, please visit my other blog, Spilling the Ink.

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