‘There are certain words a poem should never use.’

‘Hmm…’ I started to make a list of the usual suspects: very, many, really, magic, fluffy, rainbow, always, invisible – 

‘Yes.  Apparently shard is verboten.  And,’ raising an eyebrow and tilting her head slightly, ‘you write about the moon at your own peril.’

I blush.

Chartreuse, pus, and white are on the black list, too.’

Boiled cabbages, the Queen of Hearts, and cats will blow your cover in the first stanza.  Those in the know will know that you aren’t.’

‘Bah!’ I snort, breaking two poetry principles at one go, with an unword dressed up by a pretentious speech tag, ‘Rules are made to be broken. That’s my poetic license.’

‘Cliché,’ she tutts, as I wade into dangerous waters.

‘No, no, no. Language is delicate but malleable. Clear, not crystalline.  It absorbs, reflects, transmits. It is a fluid that holds its shape over centuries, filtering colours, casting perceptions across the nave of a cathedral.  It can be sharp. When broken, it cuts deep. It can be melted, molded, spun, blown into impossible intricacies.  Shatters if dropped.  Keeps out the wind and lets in the light.’

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4 Responses to Glass

  1. The Hierophant, huh? An interpreter of esoteric mysteries and a representative of religious tradition. I think I’ll accept the notion that s/he’s to do with being ready to continue with the research, and to trusting instincts … No. 5.

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    • Melissa says:

      Hi Blessienessie – I quite like this tango of the Tarot across the bottom of each of my posts. Dance on!


      • Thank you. I feel rather as if I’m taking advantage of your offer to take part, and won’t be at all insulted if you delete my comments, but “Rules are made to be broken”(!), and my Tarot tango is taking me on a very uplifting journey in a month which is often associated with negativity and gloom! I love wallowing in your words for a few moments, and then giving myself a good shake and picking up the next card….


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