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The stack of books on my bedside table is always precarious. Once in awhile, I clear it down to the bare minimum and stack the books neatly, but like rising bread dough, it grows back, alluring and top heavy. At … Continue reading

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Serendipity is wiser than owls or oak trees. That’s a lot of wisdom. More cunning than coyotes? Possibly, but wisdom and chance take a different stance. They stand outside the rules of the game. A win is not that different … Continue reading

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Where to start from?

It’s been a quiet and fruitful autumn.  I last posted in September, feeling a need to harvest the many crops of the past year of writing, Writing Circles, running and reading. And in that time of quiet, a time of … Continue reading

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Moon hunters

Who can find the moon? I ask at dusk. We walk across the meadow, down the path, hedges and brambles studded with crimson, a dove flaps over bare furrows, rising above hay bales, dried and stacked, whiffs of captured sunshine. … Continue reading

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Virtual Chocolate Buttons

Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday.  She’ll be five.  She’s asked to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant that has dim sum and live jazz on Saturday nights.  We said yes! Today she will bring small packages of Cadbury chocolate buttons … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Forest

Hello.  This is a collection of my writing starting from the summer of 2011 when I decided to begin a blog and see what happened.  At first, I wasn’t sure what form my blog would take, if anyone would read … Continue reading

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Diving Board

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