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Constellation.  It is extraordinarily clear this morning – for the past several days it has been raining or cloudy when I wake. A constellation. Con, with. Stella, stars.  With stars. Stars together. Lines of connection we draw between points of … Continue reading

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Present, not precious – A mindset

Show up before you are ready. It’s a practice, not a performance. Your job is to pick up your instrument and make some noise.  In this case, it’s the sound of your pen scrabbling, scratching, or flowing across the paper. … Continue reading

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The Greenhouse

Over the past four weeks, I’ve been in a greenhouse. Not a real one, although maybe someday we’ll grow our own tomatoes and cucumbers and marigolds all in a row.  But a virtual one, hosted by Kristin Noelle.  Kristin’s blog, … Continue reading

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